What is the Malaysia odds ?

Malaysian betting odds in football attract many participants because of the large prize money and high entertainment value. Through these exciting odds, participants will have the opportunity to receive huge rewards. The content of Jiliasia.ceo article will help you learn how to play this type of bet.

Find out Malaysia’s odds in soccer.

Malaysian odds are a new type of odds in soccer betting and are applicable to other sports as well. The bookmaker uses this rate to evaluate the ability of the participating teams and determine that team’s ability to win the bet. In short, bets will be based on odds to determine winning or losing results.

Unlike Asian or European odds, which usually only have positive values, Malaysian Odds can have negative values. However, this type of bet is always between 1:1. This rate also applies to Asian handicaps and over/under bets. Because there are different positive and negative numbers, the way to calculate the bet is also different. Below the article, we will share in more detail how to calculate the bet amount for this type of bet.

How to read Malaysia odds

Malaysian odds, according to the way of playing, simply rely on the number 0, indicating even odds. Positive numbers in the odds table indicate the team is favored, and negative numbers are underrated. Malaysian Odds is really a simple and flexible system that you can learn how to read according to the content below.

Malaysia pm odds +

A favorable Malaysia odds (+)  indicates that each unit bet will yield one unit less in winnings. The “+” sign represents the smaller the number, the lower your odds of winning.

Malaysia odds –

Negative Malaysian odds are the opposite of positive Malaysian odds, relating to low prices or results that increase profit margins. The “-” sign usually precedes negative odds. If there is a team with Malaysian odds of -0.5 and you bet 1 unit, you will receive 2 units back if that team wins, and the bet will be refunded if there is a draw. You can withdraw your money.

Negative or positive Malaysian odds determine the player’s profit margin

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Experience in placing bets in Malaysia to win money

Update the changing odds table at the bookmaker

Updating the odds table regularly at the bookmaker is of utmost importance. This experience helps players monitor fluctuations due to bet amount adjustments. In addition, the betting process often requires consideration before the match, and you can adjust your bet 5 minutes before the start of the game.

Consider negative odds

When researching negative bets, you will find it easy to make money. But withdrawing money from the house is not straightforward if participating in this bet. They have a team of quality betting experts to develop this negative bet, so a high winning rate means a considerable risk. You should check the odds, don’t bet arbitrarily, and consider carefully before entering a negative bet.

Example of calculating Malaysian bets

To calculate Malaysia’s Odds accurately, the cases below will help you understand better. A specific example calculates the bet so you know how much money you will get if you win.

Calculate the odds if you place a positive bet

Winning amount = Bet amount x Odds offered by the house. For example, the match between Vietnam and Indonesia has a ratio of 0.9: 0.961. If you bet 1 million on the Vietnamese team, they win. Your bonus is 1,000,000 x 0.900 = 900,000 VND.

Calculate money if you choose a negative bet

The profit amount when winning will equal the bet amount / House odds. For example, the match between the Vietnam and Cambodia teams has a handicap of 0.5 for Vietnam as opposed to -0.944. If a player bets 1 million VND on the underdog team Cambodia to win the match, the payout will be calculated as follows: 1,000,000 / 0.944 = 1,059,322 VND.

Above is some information we want to share about Malaysia Odds. With the above knowledge, you will have more confidence to bet and have the opportunity to earn significant bonuses from the house.

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